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Duo Package - Reservation Information
$100.00 up to 2 Attendee
$50.00 per additional Attendee
Max 8 attendees
Training to be a Pinball Wizard or Virtual Reality Warrior? The Duo package is fantastic for any pairs of Arcade, Midway, and VR enthusiasts. Are you looking to save the Bayou from hostile aliens or feeling the literal heat in our 4D Hyperdeck experience? The Duo package was built with you in mind and will provide an extra $5 per person in Bonus Bits. ($10!) (Don't like sharing? We encourage Carnies to enjoy this package solo!) BONUS Bits are used exclusively for the Arcade, and Midway attractions with GREEN EMBEDS in the Arcade and Midway. *This excludes the redemption arcade games. Bits are good for everything in the Park --> Attractions, Arcade Games, Food & Beverages, and Souvenirs!
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