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Single Package - Reservation Information
$35.00 up to 1 Attendee
$35.00 per additional Attendee
Max 8 attendees
NOTE: Reserve early! We only accept walk-ins subject to availability after 9 PM. Our General park package is excellent for those who want to discover a thousand ways to play in the Park. Your $35 will be loaded onto a Player Card and turned into Bits! The Bits are good for everything in the Park --> Attractions, Arcade Games, Food & Beverages, and Souvenirs! Up to 7 additional guests may be added. Story Room reservations may be purchased on-site and are subject to availability. Please note that there is a requirement of 3 players minimum for Dr. Botcher's and 4 player minimum for Space Squad in Space. The Raft has a maximum capacity of 4 players.
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